My friend

I have a friend named Brailyn.I was trying to talk to my other friend Emily. She took her away from me . She made me upset . My teacher gave me some good advice ,And he told me when im sad or happy that is the best time to write about what happened and it made me feel better after i finally wrote about it.


Alone by kailin

when I am alone I start to move around and before  you know It I start to dance.I start to put my hand`s in the air like I just dont care.I move my feet while I dance to the beat.I begin to move around my hips while I grab my teady bear , and then she wiggles her lips. see how fun it can be when yo`ur alone.

Josh,Kailin,Jax,and Bry

Suburbs can effect our land. If we build a lot of suburbs then where is the animals going to go. If we do this we are torchering the animals. Why would we do this? Why would we waste all this money? Why should`t we get house`s for free? Subways can create a huge mess of littering. Why do some people cut down trees to make neighborhoods?

Sea turtles by: kailin and Austin

I’m talking about sea turtles . When mother turtles lay there eggs they go out to the sea and never see there baby’s again.when the baby turtles hatch they will follow the moon or the sun they will follow the nearest light well some baby turtles don’t follow the moon or the sun.some baby’s end up following the street light and go to close to somebody’s’s class just got done talking to a person named Simone Lipcomb.She showed us a vidio that she made.some of the students in my class asked questions. We can take care of sea animals by not putting any trash in the sea.sea turtles lay there eggs deep in the sand. Raccoons come and eat the mothers eggs.i really want to thank Simone Lipcomb for teaching my classmates about sea turtles.

my braty sister

My little sister is as small as a blister but evrybody is going crazy because she is lazy she hops out the car to go see mars she got a spell that made her be nice …….. Oh was

Haha, I can’t wait to see where this one goes! Your sister sounds like a fun little mess!